1. Jimbo Mathus
    Oxford, Mississippi
  2. Junior Kimbrough
    Hudsonville, Mississippi
  3. Water Liars
  4. Will Sexton
    Memphis, Tennessee
  5. R.L. Burnside
    Holly Springs, Mississippi
  6. Denny Lile
    Louisville, Kentucky
  7. Fred McDowell
    Como, Mississippi
  8. Hunt Sales Memorial
    Austin, Texas
  9. Cecil Barfield
    Plains, Georgia
  10. T-Model Ford
    Greenville, Mississippi
  11. Famous L Renfroe
    Memphis, Tennessee
  12. Theotis Taylor
  13. Furry Lewis
    Memphis, Tennessee
  14. Buddy Moss
    Atlanta, Georgia
  15. Bishop Manning and The Manning Family
    Gaston, North Carolina
  16. Designer Records
    Memphis, Tennessee
  17. Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster
    Oxford, Mississippi
  18. Jack Oblivian
    Memphis, Tennessee
  19. Houston Stackhouse
    Wesson, Mississippi
  20. Ironing Board Sam
    Hillsborough, North Carolina
  21. Leo Welch
    Sabougla, Mississippi
  22. Jim Mize
    Conway, Arkansas
  23. Robert Finley
    Bernice, Louisiana
  24. J.W. Warren
    Enterprise, Alabama
  25. Marie/Lepanto
    Lepanto, Arkansas
  26. Jimmy Lee Williams
    Poulan, Georgia
  27. Joe Callicott
    Hernando, Mississippi
  28. Kenny Brown
  29. Leon Pinson
    Cleveland, Mississippi
  30. J.D. Wilkes
    Paducah, Kentucky
  31. Ranie Burnette
    Como, Mississippi
  32. Reverend John Wilkins
    Memphis, Tennessee
  33. The Country Rockers
    Memphis, Tennessee
  34. Sam Frazier, Jr.
    Edgewater, Alabama
  35. Sam Langhorn
    Oxford, Mississippi
  36. Teddy Williams
    Canton, Mississippi
  37. Mack Allen Smith
    Carrollton, Mississippi
  38. John Paul Keith
    Memphis, Tennessee
  39. Wheels on Fire
    Athens, Ohio
  40. Lover!
    Memphis, Tennessee
  41. Heavy Trash
    New York, New York
  42. Willem Maker
  43. River City Tanlines
    Memphis, Tennessee
  44. Bette Smith
    New York


Big Legal Mess Records Oxford, Mississippi

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